a magical place

The mystery of the sacred

Welcome to Campillo de Deleitosa, the village where you will immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

Here you will find the remains of buildings thousands of years old, scattered around. There is evidence of medieval settlements as early as 1413, but late Roman remains found in this area are evidence of settlement long before that date.

Enjoy your trip

On the axis of Extremadura

To feel among the innermost spirit of an entire land is something very special. Being at the center of a feeling is a unique experience.

the territory

Several of the most impressive routes in Extremadura pass through Campillo de Deleitosa. Its incredible and majestic location makes this municipality a perfect place to rest before and after the routes.

World Heritage

The benign environment and the obligatory passage of these mountains in the peninsular routes has favored human presence since ancient times. The town is engraved in stone with the presence of important cultures that traverse history without leaps and bounds.

The charm of the rural

One of the main hiking attractions in Extremadura. The possibility of walking inside an aqueduct that has an uncertain origin, but was used for many years to obtain electricity for the residents of the town and the surrounding area.

Cave altars

Enjoying the trip in “slow” mode, that is to say, mingling with the locals and enjoying the experience of traveling in peace…